How to do Market Research

Market Research

To conduct a market research is a vital thing to do in any business strategic plans. This research can make one figure out what kinds of products and services can really bring profit to you. Either you are new in the business or you are in the progress, a market research can really help boost your sales. You will be able to tell whether these products meet the clientele needs and expectations. By thoroughly research the demanded answers to some specific questions, business owners can come to learn what their customers really need. Here are basic ways on how to do market research for those interested in starting a business.

Conduct a primary research: The main key reason is to collect data from analyzing the current sales as well as the effectiveness of current practices. This takes the competitor strategies into account therefore enabling you to have helpful information about your competitors around you. You can do this by conducting face to face or phone interviews, online surveying, or using of focus groups for potential customers to get feedback as examples.

Conduct a secondary research: For this kind of market research, the major aim is to analyze already published data. Using this secondary data, it is easy to identify who are your competitors, establish benchmarks, and identify your targeted segments. The segments are the various people that fall under your market demography. They include people with certain lifestyle, gender, and age group.

Data collection: It falls under two major categories known as quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative method normally requires mathematical analysis and a quiet large sample size since the outcome is to shed light on significant statistical differences. A good example of where to get quantitative data analysis is from a website (if you have one). Your web analytic can provide you with crucial information like where you get your leads from, how often and how long your website visitors stay on your site. Qualitative method the sample is always small. It aids you in developing your quantitative research. It can help you as a business owner to define a problem and, therefore, use interview methods to seek clients’ opinions, beliefs, and values.

Findings presentation: Here you can present what you have gathered and offer a final decision of your findings. This is always very crucial step in market research as it is at this juncture whereby future decisions can be put into a consideration. You may end up going through with your current products/service…or you may end up starting the market research process all over again for a new products/services.

Product testing: This is normally done upon having a product and want to give it to people to try it out so that they can test its efficiency. For instance, you can give people samples of cakes made with two different recipes. Definitely they will give you an instant feedback. Alternatively, consider giving them a carpet brush to use at their home carpets and see how best the brush works.


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